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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Does Fukushima Radiation get Diluted in Water and Become Harmless?

Published by youtube's BeautifulGirlByDana, on Dec 25, 2013

...How does radiation become diluted like the 'experts' claim constantly?  Well if we look at a glass of milk and pour it into a five gallon bucket, the water might still be tainted a little, right?  If you dumped that glass of milk into a 45 gallon drum you might diluted it, ya.

How about we dump that barrel with a glass of milk into a Olympic size swimming pool just filled up with fresh clean water, will the pool employees reject that barrel, will you be able to swim in it, now that it has a glass of milk in it, will yea hun, will yea?  Will the water taste funny now ? Will it hun, will it?  Will the pool turn white, will they have to change the water because of milk in the water, or is it finally diluted?

If you take a glass of fuel rod pellets the same size as a glass of milk from the missing fuel storage above fukushima reactors, and put it into a five gallon bucket the water, it is still just as radioactive as the original glass.  If you dumped it into a 45 gallon drum, that 45 gallon drum would still be as radioactive as the original glass was.  If you were to dump that 45 gallon drum into a Olympic size swimming pool, that swimming pool would still be just as radioactive as that original glass was.  Fact is, you can never go in that pool or that building again... till the end of time, and every day till the end of time, you can take half of that pool with a glass of fuel pellets sitting on the bottom, and dump it into a lake, and fill that pool up again, and that lake would be radioactive till the end of time; and you can kill a lake a day every day like that, and fill that pool back up.

...But it doesn't stop there.  Those lakes will now also pollute any other lakes they pour into, and the birds and beavers and muskrats and moose and deer, and creatures that depend on those network of lakes and streams and shore line habitat become sick from that radiation upstream.  Sick from the radiation: the rain picked up from those bodies of water mixes with the cloud, and the cloud becomes radioactive, but if you go far far downstream, way way down stream, it might be diluted; as long as you don't ever dump more into that lake from radioactive rainfall...   It's all so familiar, but don't worry, by the time it gets here it will be like a banana; don't worry, its like background radiation from rocks; don't worry, its just like background radiation from sunlight.  Every one is radiated all the time the sun radiates earth.  Now stop being silly a'right, but when you step back into reality land, you find out all life on earth is acclimated to that kind of radiation, and so 'they' are misleading you, because no life on earth can coexist with man made radiation. 

I'll drink my milk; PR firms can have their yellow cake.