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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Louisiana Boom Was a Meteorite; NOT a Bunker Explosion, as The Government and Media COVERUP Says... Photos and Video Proof!

So it's a Meteorite....  Why do they have to lie about that??!!  How Dumb does the US Gov and Military think we are?!!!!  This is another Gov Insult to the people!

opednews  Louisiana Explosion - Just one more in a long list has been tracking the startling increase in reports of meteorite/comet fragment sightings and impacts for at least 8 years, and there have been many hundreds of such reports in that time period. This alone should give us cause for concern. Check out the above link to get an idea of just how frequent meteorite/comet fragment sightings have become. Of course, you might say that this apparent increase could just be the result of us paying more attention, but the numbers don't lie. For example, browsing the right bar links on the above blog, you'll notice that in 2004, 2005 and 2006, reports were consolidated into two-month periods, and there were, on average, fewer than 10 sightings over that 2-month period. By contrast, in 2008, reports were plentiful enough to begin collating them into monthly records and, since then, their number has increased steadily.

Coming back to the present; over the past few days, several reports of meteorite/comet fragment sightings and impacts across the globe have been registered. However, I want to look at one specific event that occurred two days ago on Monday 15th October.

On that night, people across Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi reported seeing bright flashes in the sky and fireball trails. And in the Shreveport area of NW Louisiana, many residents also heard loud 'booms' that shook houses to their foundations and broke many windows in the town of Minden....

 ...Sheriff Flip Flops

When dozens of people called the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office, as well as to the KSLA News 12 newsroom, to report seeing flashes of light in the sky and hearing loud booms that shook houses, the sheriff's office initially stated that there was a "possibility that a meteor did hit the ground" in the area. The following morning however, Webster Parish Sheriff, Gary Sexton, claimed that the mystery had been solved, that 'hazmat experts' told him that what people had actually seen and heard was an underground bunker containing explosives that blew up late Monday night at Camp Minden. Not only was there nothing to see here, but the explosion "worked exactly as it was designed to do."

Sheriff Sexton described the bunker, in the "L-1 area," as an "igloo," constructed of concrete that was built in the 50s and designed to send any blast up instead of out to lessen the shock wave impact. Given that the bunker in question belongs to a company called Explo Systems Inc., it seems plausible that the information about the 'bunker explosion' came from this corporation. Strangely enough, however, a news conference to have been held by officials from Explo, scheduled for Wednesday morning, was canceled at the last minute, with no explanation given.

The first problem with the "munition dump explosion" answer is a problem of coincidence.

What are the odds that, at around the same time as people across three states (Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana, and hundreds of miles apart) were seeing what was clearly a meteorite/comet fragment burning up in the lower earth atmosphere, a munitions dump would explode? More to the point, if a munitions dump did explode, what are the odds that a meteorite/comet fragment, that many eyewitnesses believe hit the ground in the area, would be in no way connected to the explosion?

The second problem is one of evidence.

 At first light on Tuesday morning, the good people at KSLA news boarded their chopper and flew over the Louisiana army ammunition plant. Here is what they filmed:

The first thing we notice is that the scorch path is not consistent with an explosion from underground, especially a bunker that is "designed to send any blast up instead of out". Surely that would leave a gaping hole in the ground? Instead, what we see is a long scorch path consistent with a projectile hitting the earth from above at a fairly acute angle. In fact, it is rather similar to the marks left by airplane crashes

The scorch path of the object that hit the Camp Minden area
The second thing we notice is that the train that was derailed shows definite evidence of having been hit by an object or blast wave that was moving along the ground (not up and out). Only one carriage appears to be covered in dirt that was pushed forward by the force of the impact, and that same carriage also appears to be the only one that has been literally cut in two (minute 1.27 and 1.35 in the video) with a force that was concentrated in one specific area. 

One of the train carriages took the brunt of the blast and was literally cut in two
This link will take you to the Google map of the area where the incident is alleged to have taken place. You can see the 'igloo' ammo bunkers referred to by Sheriff Sexton. Note that there does seem to be a network of rail tracks with carriages around the area.

We are also told that the explosion sent a 'plume' 7,000 feet into the air. ran an analysis from radar imagery and produced a 3D-rendering of this 'plume': 

According to Accuweather, "this was a significant object, showing up at a reflectivity of 42 dBZ (which would normally be 'moderate rain')"
The suggestion that the radar image of the plume is similar to a radar image of moderate rain seems to be backed up by the reports from eyewitnesses that "black sooty ashes" (some of them as big as a quarter) rained down on their cars and houses. My question here is: do munitions explosions typically result in black sooty ashes, "like sleet" falling on the surrounding area several miles away from the explosion? I can't say for sure, but what I can say is that there have been reports that overhead meteorite explosions, or just meteorite or comet fragments passing through our atmosphere, have resulted in ash falling from the sky. For example, on the 25th August 2012, Maryann Morgan Fredericton, from New Brunswick, Canada, reported this exact phenomenon.

By the way, the above radar image immediately reminds me of another radar image of 'unknown turbulence' over Beebe, Arkansas, on January 1st 2011, that led to one of the many mass bird die-off episodes, and which I wrote about extensively here. Note that the detonation also occurred at about 7,000 ft. 

The Doppler radar image of "unknown turbulence' over Beebe, Arkansas, on January 1st 2011
Given the available evidence, my theory at the moment is this:
The events of Monday evening that were reported in the NW Louisiana area, and specifically near the Camp Minden base, were the result of a meteorite/comet fragment entering the earth's atmosphere and following a SE to NW trajectory, roughly over mid-Florida, proceeding over the Gulf of Mexico and then over the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. The object then exploded over the NW Louisiana area, causing a loud boom. A fragment continued on and hit the ground in the Camp Minden area. The ash that is reported to have fallen came from the initial overhead explosion.

Before I finish, there is one further idea that I think is worth taking seriously. There has been much speculation on, and support for, the idea that viruses can and do come 'from space', aka panspermia. That is to say, viruses reach earth on space rocks carrying some form of carbon-based life forms. These enter our atmosphere and deposit said life forms on our planet. It has been suggested that Halley's Comet, for example, caused the outbreak of the 1918 'Spanish Flu' (which didn't come from Spain). The theory points out that the manner in which the 'Spanish flu' spread cannot be explained by human-to-human transmission, and that the only reasonable explanation is that it was carried in the air, at very high altitude, as in the upper atmosphere. More recently, the particularly bad flu season of 2000 has also been blamed, by eminent scientists, on dust from comets passing close to the earth. Incidentally, the 1908 Tunguska 'meteorite' was actually a comet fragment that was carrying organic matter.

So, what's my point? Maybe it's that, as our 'advanced' global society down here on earth continues to circle the plug hole, the skies above our heads seem to be growing ever more crowded with potentially death-dealing space rocks. And maybe the two are connected in some strange way.


Malala Stable in UK Hospital: Doctors

October 18, 2012 - Updated 2250 PKT

 thenews  LONDON: Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban was in a stable condition in a British hospital on Wednesday as well-wishers from around the world left her messages of support.

Doctors said Malala Yousafzai spent a second comfortable night at the highly specialised Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, central England, which is accustomed to treating British soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday she "remained in a stable condition and continued to impress doctors by responding well to her care," a hospital spokesman said.

The teenager's family were still in Pakistan, he added.

Malala was shot on a school bus in the former Taliban stronghold of the Swat valley last week as a punishment for campaigning for the right of girls to an education, in an attack which outraged the world.

She came to prominence with a blog for the BBC highlighting atrocities under the Taliban, the hardline Islamists who terrorised the Swat valley from 2007 until an army offensive in 2009.

The teenager had a bullet removed from her skull during an operation in Pakistan last week.

Donations towards her care, which is being funded by the Pakistani government, are being received by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's charity while hundreds of people have left messages of support on the hospital's website, lauding her campaigning and praying for her recovery.

The hospital later announced that a special fund had been set up to deal with the influx of donations.

"When she is well enough we will ask her how she wants those donations to be spent in support of the care she is receiving," said the hospital trust's website.

The well-wishers are from countries including Pakistan, Britain, India, the United States, Libya, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Rwanda and the Netherlands.

"We the Pakistanis are so sorry that a little girl like you had to stand up for all of us. If we had shown some courage you would have been safe and healthy today. Malala, get well please, we need you," wrote Durre Nayab.

"Please accept my and my family's gratitude for what you have stood for. You are a true daughter of Pakistan. We are in your debt forever. Get well soon," said Munir Pervaiz.

Ajmal Khan wrote: "We salute your courage and your commitment toward your cherished goal.

"I personally was in tears when I heard of your ordeal. But hopefully you will get well soon and start your mission again with the same spirit and agility."

A message book has also been opened at Council House, the headquarters of Birmingham's local authority.

Birmingham has a 100,000-strong ethnic Pakistani community -- a tenth of the city's population.

Cards, letters and gifts to Malala are being handled by the city's Pakistani consulate. (AFP)


BP's Recklessness and Coverups CANNOT Coverup the Oil Leaking NOW!

Back in 2010, when the Macondo rig blew and created the oil volcano, gusher; whatever you chose to call it, we all watched with sad hearts and fear in our throats; they were only showing us the leak at the wellhead.  What they were NOT showing was the cracks and fissures.  One day during the live coverage; possibly some of you will remember this, a reporter on CNN asked "What is this; there is another leak, 5 miles away, coming from the sea floor???"  He suddenly grew quiet, as I'm sure his earpiece was suddenly blasting with voices telling him to cease mentioning about cracks, and that was the end of it.  No more mention of cracks or fissures; only full focus on the broken well structure.

New seafloor eruption...

They covered it all up by sinking the oil with another lethal chemical; corexit, (so they could get back to their happy families, and get back to sailing and playing...) and we went merrily along, with no more thoughts or fears....  well, some went merrily along...  Out of sight, out of mind.  That was their (BP's) secret motto.  It didn't seem to matter where the oil went, as long as it didn't soil the vacation beaches and hurt tourism...  The oil did NOT magically disappear!  It was sunk, and remains sunk till anything stirs it up like hurricanes, or.....  more oil still leaking from the cracks and fissures that THEY KNEW ABOUT!  Never mind the COREXIT that is still in the Gulf, and has sickened and even killed some of the cleanup workers since...

Well, as with anything that has been covered up, the truth will finally come out, and no matter what they do, their coverup will dissipate as more people become ill, and MORE OIL CONTINUES TO FILL THE GULF!

Below are excerpts from a letter to BP's Chief Executive Officer, Dated Oct 16th, 2012, (ONLY 2 DAYS AGO) regarding the continuation of oil that continues to leak and fill the gulf:

"...Last week, the Coast Guard's Federal On-Scene Coordinator for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill issued a Notice of Federal Interest to BP and Transocean indicating that an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico detected in September matched oil from the Deepwater Horizon....."
"...This recent report of a new oil slick from the Deepwater Horizon's riser raises questions about BP's efforts to stem the long-term impacts of the 2010 oil spill..."
".......3. Does BP plan to examine the sea floor surrounding the Macondo well to ensure that oil is not migrating and escaping from locations on the sea floor away from the wellhead?  Why or why not?..."
"...We also request that you provide us with copies all internal documents and correspondence, including the internal presentation cited the in the Washington Post and any other presentations and memoranda discussing the recently reported oil slick, including discussions of potentail causes and efforts to stem the ongoing flow of oil, and all diagrams and maps or ROV or other footage of the wreckage and/or debris and those areas affected by this recent oil sheen..."
Full Document Here.
If the gov takes this document offline because of viewers, let me know, and I will upload it here. 

Well, there you have it...  How the truth will out.....  FINALLY!  Something that resembles the truth is actually coming to the surface along with their sunk oil, and STILL FLOWING oil leak...

Man from Fukushima Chokes Up on Stage: The Children are Radioactive — People That Stayed are in Denial

ENews  Gavin Allwright Talks About Fukushima...
I should probably paint myself yellow. I have a heavy dose of radioactive contamination myself. I will be radioactive at least for the next 150 years. My children won’t be, and unfortunately we can’t say that about… [long pause]… We can’t say that about my daughter and my son’s fellow student in their school. We get letters quite regularly from them saying, “When are you coming back, it’s safe.” Their parents are in denial. Who wouldn’t be? To live every day breathing that poison you’d have to be in denial. And my friends are, my family is over there.