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Monday, October 8, 2012

Yet Another Freedom and Culture being Killed by the Federal Government Quietly Passing an Amendment to another House Rule: H.R.6388

While ‘We The People’ worry about our freedoms, or should I say, “Rapidly Declining” Freedoms, there is another large group of people and a way of life; an American Equine Culture being systematically destroyed through another ‘generic’ House Rule; that unless more are made aware of this, will quietly pass, and give George Orwell another reason to roll in his grave.

House Rule 6388 [H.R.6388] is valid is SOME areas, but the way it is written, and to be presented to the senate for vote, if this passes, a whole culture will become extinct VERY SOON! This bill was assigned to a congressional committee on September 13, 2012, which will consider it before possibly sending it on to the House or Senate as a whole. This amendment MUST BE STOPPED before it is passed, so there can be a rewrite to protect the reputable breeders, so they can live their lives in peace, and bring us the beauty of their art.  This is a culture that if taken away from us, will be another injustice to our freedom to enjoy our lives without abandon.
In a letter presented to the OpenCongress on September 18, 2012 in opposition to: H.R.6388 -To amend the Horse Protection Act to designate additional unlawful acts under the Act, strengthen penalties for violations of the Act…

I am writing as your constituent in the 1st Congressional district of Arkansas. I oppose H.R.6388 - To amend the Horse Protection Act to designate additional unlawful acts under the Act, strengthen penalties for violations of the Act, improve Department of Agriculture enforcement of the Act, and for other purposes., and am tracking it using, the free public resource website for government transparency and accountability.

I am a avid breeder, exhibitor, and supporter of the Tennessee Walking Horse. I have been active in the breed for 7 years and have been active in all aspects of the breed both padded & flat shod divisions. Including showing, exhibiting, spectating, and political portions of the breed. Prior to my involvement in the TN. Walking Horse Breed I was raised on and showed Missouri Fox Trotters from the age of 6, I am now 31, so the greater part of my life has been spent on horse back.

If you research you will find we have a few bad apples among the breed and they are paying their debts as set forth by our governing bodies. However I feel it is unjust to punish everyone not committing the acts of soring and unconventional training methods to achieve the "Big Lick" of which we all enjoy.

There have been studies done on the TN. Walking Horses that show the use of action devices (chains not weighing greater than 6 ounces) and pads do not harm the horses. Most TN Walking Horses live to be well up in the teens some even into their 30's that have been shown wearing the pads and chains. You will find some studies that show otherwise please use your better judgment in which studies you read and believe. Heavy shoes are used to enhance the gait of a flat shod horse they are of no harm to the horses.

I pray that you read this letter among letters from others opposing this Bill, and make the decision to Oppose this Bill as well. If any of you gentlemen wish to discuss this matter further or would like to visit and see for yourself feel free to give me a call. I'll be glad to show you what the "Glide Ride" is all about.

Lisa XxXxxxx

To Explain further: 
Soring - "Illegal" Soring is the application or injection of an irritating or blistering agent, internally or externally, by a person to any limb of a horse.
When chemical irritants such as caustic mustard oil and diesel fuel are applied to the front pasterns (lower leg) of a horse, the legs become very sensitive, much like when a person has a bad sunburn. When the horse walks, every step with the front hooves is painful. In response the horse lifts its front legs higher to escape the pain of touching the ground. 
When illegal bracelet-like chains [heavier than 8 oz.] are placed on the front legs in addition to chemical soring, the chains batter the sensitized flesh with each step as the horse tries to climb up out of the pain. Chemical soring and illegally heavy chains often cause open lesions and scars on the legs of horses. 

Stacks - Illegal Stacks (up to 5" high and sometimes filled with wet sand for weight) and chains are affixed to the front hooves (mostly after the horse has been Chemically sored) causing the horse to snatch his painful front hooves up off the ground and throw his weight onto the back of the spine, hips and rear legs causing the "knee up the nose, butt dragging" image of the Big Lick Show Horse.
Pressure Shoeing causes appalling pain, but the reputable, loving Sored-Horse Trainers do not do this despicable practice; though a handful of the bad trainers and breeders do not!
Heavy Plantation Shoes ("manhole covers" up to 60 oz. in weight) accompanied by a Chemical "touch-up" and chains on already painful areas, also produce the sought after but bastardized "gait".
Horses that are illegally "Chemically sored" not only suffer instant pain but can also be subject to Nervous System Disorders, sterility, genetic mutations, spontaneous abortions, intestinal tumors etc. and most die from Colic.
Mechanical Soring, aside from the instantly produced pain, causes irreparable damage in young horses to the tendons, knees, cerebral spine, hips, tendons and hocks of the rear legs.
The Show Careers of these unfortunate horses, owned by the handful of bad breeders, are short lived and these horses have the highest mortality rates and the lowest insurable ages-up to 12 years!


Reputable breeders do NOT use chemicals, do NOT use the ‘heavy "manhole covers" up to 60 oz. in weight,’ plantation shoes – “stacks,” and do NOT use the chains that are 8 oz. or heavier.
They use comfortably PADDED stacks that are no higher than 4”, and have chains that are under 6 oz in weight, for show; not for pain, and they are also NOT Chemically, or Pressure Sored.  They have inspectors to be sure none of the illegal soring is being done, at every show.  Their horses are happy, proud, and loved, and it shows on them.

H.R.6388 states NO Soring or Stacking, in way or form; not even the humane form, that reputable breeders use.

The Lone Ranger’s “Silver” was a Walking Horse…

Roy Roger’s “Trigger” was a Walking Horse…

While Yes, “CHEMICAL AND HEAVY WEIGHTED Soring” does need to be stopped, the “SAFE” gait aiding practices of good, loving breeders, and their proud, loving horses should NOT have to suffer.  H.R.6388 WILL END this way of life for these wonderful people, ENTIRELY!

YOU CAN HELP RIGHT NOW by calling your local Representative to petition against this bill, immediately!  Don’t wait, or this will be another Freedom we will lose, and we just cannot afford to lose any more.  We are almost to the point of no return now, and if we don’t get serious and start pushing back, we WILL LOSE ALL OUR FREEDOMS.  

CLICK Here for the Congressional Directory to search for your local area.  ACT NOW!!! 

 Call them, email them, snail mail them; any way you choose, but get involved to start making a difference AND SAVE WHAT FREEDOMS WE HAVE LEFT!