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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Oct Government Shutdown, and Economy Crash Scare Was a Pre-Attack Rehersal!

The Oct Government shutdown, and economy crash scare may have awoken many more Americans to the reality of what is in store for us, but I fear this was another setup, planned to close the eyes of the people when the real crash actually does occur. 

We, and those in control, got a chance to see what they may be up against when they DO crash our economy.  Now they can draw their game plan according to this close call, pre-game rehearsal.  

It has become apparent that while only a small handful of Americans are prepared to actually stand their ground when the crash does happen, MOST Americans are not prepared.  This is understandable though, because MOST Americans are struggling so hard just to make it from day to day now, and are so weary of warnings that do not seem to come to fruition, they will be more willing to ignore the warnings next time, when it is real.  They are using the “cry wolf” tactic to control the masses for when it IS real.

Even though they have brought us to the panicky edge of the Oct deadline to make their deal, it is merely a temporary deal to bring us four more months down the road to the looming crash.  This gives the Obama administration more time to fund the Syrian rebels (The Muslim Brotherhood), and run our debt up higher, so the final and true crash will be devastating, and worldwide.

The mainstream media (also known as the Whitehouse whores) televised the Debt Ceiling and Obama Care 24/7, with no further reporting on the Presidential scandals.  This was to pull the people’s attention away from the NSA Spying on us, the Benghazi scandal and the Syrian rebel funding, to give this corrupt Presidential Administration more time to crush us with less resistance from us.

It is truly a tangled web that is being woven across our nation, and if the American people cannot fully awaken to rise up ALL together, then what’s coming is not what anyone would choose to have to endure.

If America cannot get together, cannot lose its prejudice, and cannot stop being overall petty, then it will be time to pray and welcome in the New World Order:  The rapid depopulation agenda will be able to sweep the world, and those that survive will be the slave workers of the world’s elites…  

WAKE UP AMERICA!  The deal they made was just to give them more time to prepare for a citizen  uprising; in small numbers.  We NEED the WHOLE of America to rise up, NOT just a small few.  We are some 314 million strong.  With even only a third of us being the adults and strong, that would make us 100 million strong!  

Again, WAKE UP AND BE STRONG.  This is “the land of the free and the home of the brave!”  Show them that we are still the home of the BRAVE!  A full American revolution is the ONLY way America will become the land of the free once again!