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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tibetan Monks Alarming Statement For The 21st of December 2012

Lama of the monastery under Gyandrek Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala told how to survive the apocalypse, which he said will last two weeks.

If you believe the predictions of the Maya, before the apocalypse less than two months. And although scientists, as they should be, are loath to believe in the absurd predictions, astrologers and soothsayers are seriously discussing what will be the designated end of the world.

So, Tibetan lamas do not hide the fact that the risk of a serious accident is quite large: in late December, the Solar system planets line up in a row, which is a unique case. In his message to NASA lama monastery Gyandrek under Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala, said that on December 21 2012, the Earth, along with the solar system passes through the galactic “zero band”.

“Fall and winter will be warm, and from 12/21/2012 Earth will begin to pass through the galactic” zero band. “This is a special state space where the blanked and not be subject to any energy. Was complete darkness and silence. The electricity and communications. Darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light, as well as the play of light and shadow. Sometimes it may seem that roam figures – as if the dead rose from their graves. earth will shake slightly – like a small earthquake. Some buildings can be destroyed “- warned Lama.

“Animals feel the earth before the coming of the” cosmic dark “and go to ground – said the monk. – People in cities do not feel so are the victims of insanity. Can be lost 10% of the population. “

Oracle Shambhala painted and practical recommendations for humans:

1. You need to prepare for this change of cycles to complete all the works in 2012, not to tie new, pay off debts.

2. 20.12.2012 to take their children, all documents, cash and get out of town into the countryside. Prepare a supply of food for two months, as supply will be restored for a long time.

3. It is necessary to have in the house supply of water, firewood and candles for lighting. You need to have the stove in the house, as the electricity stops flowing from 21.12.2012 on the wire.

4. Communications and TV are turned off. During the “dark days” hang windows dark, not to look at them, do not believe your eyes and ears, not to go out. If you see the need to go, you can not go far – you can get lost, as you’ll even his own hands.

5. After the appearance of the world is not in a hurry to return to the city, it is better to live in the nature of spring.
Disasters according to Tibetan lamas will last two weeks, though the echoes will be felt for some months until the beginning of February. The total yield of the Earth from the “zero band”, expected in about February 7, 2013. There will be a partial restoration of electricity, transport. By late March, the world will recover completely.

End of the world will radically change the outlook of people, according to Oracle Shambhala. It will become more spiritual. In developed and developing countries will blossom variety of scientific and spiritual teachings, systems development and health of the individual. “This will be the most important impetus to the progress of mankind for a long time,” – concludes the monk.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to claim that the fears of the apocalypse are unfounded. “New evidence suggests that the ancient Maya did apocalyptic prophecies” – quoted by words of the director of the Research Institute of Central America Marcello Canuto.

Many researchers Maya agree that their civilization, if it existed today, most likely, would have invented a new calendar. Archaeologists have found evidence of even deep in the rain forest texts in which the ancient Maya mentioned dates later than December 21, 2012.


note:  I do not know what to think about this, but felt this item did need to shared.

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent

Anthony Freda Art
On December 7, Voice of Russia (VoR) headlined: "Iraq 2.0, another false-flag invasion rated XXX," saying:
    The US and NATO are set to invade Syria, something many of us have been warning about for a while now. It has been obvious that they have been looking for a pretext and that pretext has already been injected into the public debate.
VoR cited fabricated claims about threatening chemical weapons. Media scoundrels hype them. Sarin nerve gas was mentioned.

Reports claimed Assad readied it in bombs. No evidence whatever was cited.

They're ready to go but haven't been loaded on planes, said an unnamed US official. Pentagon spokesman George Little said "any consideration of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be unacceptable."

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said:

I think there is no question that we remain very concerned, very concerned that as the opposition advances, in particular on Damascus, that the regime might very well consider the use of chemical weapons. The intelligence that we have causes serious concerns that this is being considered.
The president of the United States has made very clear there will be consequences, there will be consequences if the Assad regime makes a terrible mistake by using these chemical weapons on their own people.

On December 7, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad was unequivocal, saying:
Syria stresses again, for the 10th, the 100th time, that if we had such weapons, they would not be used against our people. We would not commit suicide.
The alleged Syrian chemical weapons threat replicates bogus allegations about Saddam's nonexistent WMDs. It's similar to falsified claims about Gaddafi, the Taliban, and numerous other invented US enemies.

Big Lies launch wars. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said "All war is based on deception." It's true now like in ancient times. Instant global communications, super-weapons, and scoundrel media complicity make today's threat especially ominous.

Washington's rage for war threatens humanity. Peace doesn't have a chance. Media scoundrels hype false threats. Repeated ad nauseam, people believe them.

No matter how many previous times they were fooled, they buy the Big Lie again. It happens every time. They're being set up again now.

Administration, congressional, and Pentagon officials are preparing the public for more war. Falsified headlines hype nonexistent threats. Humanity hangs in the balance. Where this ends, who knows.

In early December, UN officials said they're recalling all non-essential Syrian staff. Growing conflict dangers were cited. Perhaps advance word of imminent NATO intervention was gotten.

On December 6, CNN cited a Pentagon spokesman Little saying Washington updated its military options for potentially striking Syria. "We are prepared for a full range of contingencies," said Little.

He added that US forces have all the firepower needed in the region for full-scale war if ordered. A previous article said Washington positioned considerable military strength off Syria's coast.

It includes 10,000 combat troops, 70 fighter-bombers, 17 or more warships (including the USS Eisenhower and Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group), heavy armaments, offensive Patriot missiles, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System readiness, and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) capability.

It suggests US-led NATO intervention could happen any time. More than ever it looks imminent.

On December 7, Syria Deeply headlined "EXCLUSIVE: US Trains Rebel Brigades to Secure Chemical Weapons," saying that Washington and NATO allies "hired contractors" to train opposition Syrian mercenaries. Four unnamed diplomats, including a US official, said exercises are ongoing in Turkey and Jordan.

At issue is whether Washington plans a false flag chemical attack as pretext for full-scale US-led NATO intervention. Syria Deeply stopped short of suggesting it.

Obama and Clinton said using them crosses a "red line." Washington would respond.

On December 7, Hillary Clinton urged all parties involved to make a "concerted push" to resolve the Syrian conflict. Perhaps imminent intervention was hinted.

France's Le Figero said French military advisers met with opposition fighters inside Syria. So have US and UK elements. At issue is assessing operational capabilities of different groups and choosing which ones get weapons.

On December 4, NATO foreign ministers met in Brussels. They expressed solidarity with Turkey. They agreed to deter any potential threat Ankara faces. There's none, but they suggested otherwise.

On December 6, Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) headlined:

"Nato-Führung erwägt militärische Intervention in Syrien (NATO leadership is considering military intervention in Syria)."

Multiple sources told SZ that NATO Secretary-General Fogh Rasmussen said the alliance can't "stick its head in the sand." NATO is prepared to intervene in Syria if ordered.

Earlier Rasmussen said NATO had no intention of doing so. He lied. Perhaps it's been planned all along.

SZ said Rasmussen is supported by Washington, Britain and Turkey. The Pentagon will suggest ways to implement a no-fly zone.

Rasmussen asked what would NATO do if Syria uses chemical weapons? What if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz? Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland discount a chemical weapons threat.

Russia told NATO members to take inflammatory threats with a grain of salt. Previous ones proved false. This time isn't different.

SZ said NATO foreign ministers failed to reach common ground. It's unlikely to matter. Washington, Britain, Turkey, Rasmussen, and apparently France favor intervention. No combination of other countries can stop them.

On December 7, Mossad-connected DEBKAfile headlined "Paris: NATO-Arab Syria intervention imminent," saying:

Sources close to the French Defense Ministry (said intervention) is due to begin shortly with the participation of the US, France, Britain, Turkey, Jordan and other anti-Assad Arab nations.
France deployed the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle in the Mediterranean. Combat marines are on board. Britain has at least five warships nearby. They've joined Washington's battle group.

In November, British and French forces "performed landing-and-capture exercises against fortified locations on the coast and mountains of Albania as practice for potential operations against similar terrain in Syria, where the Alawite Mountains loom over the coastal towns of Latakia and Tartus."

French sources told Le Point magazine that the NATO mission for Syria, including the UK and the US, would be modeled on the Western intervention in Libya in 2011.
It would combine an aerial blitz with ground action by special forces for destroying Assad’s chemical weapons stocks, his air force and his air defense systems.
Apparently winds of war have reached gale force. Expect full-scale intervention any time. It could come before or right after Christmas and New Year's.

A previous article called today perhaps the most perilous time in world history. Daily events should scare everyone.

Possible regional or global war looms. Disastrous consequences could follow. Obama may head humanity into the abyss. Perhaps there's no way to stop him.

It's vital for anti-war activists to challenge what's too potentially catastrophic to tolerate. The risks are far too great to stay sidelined.


3,000 US Troops Secretly Return to Iraq

Over 3,000 US troops have secretly returned to Iraq via Kuwait for missions pertaining to the recent developments in Syria and northern Iraq, Press TV reports.

According to our correspondent, the US troops have secretly entered Iraq in multiple stages and are mostly stationed at Balad military garrison in Salahuddin province and al-Asad air base in al-Anbar province.

Reports say the troops include US Army officers and almost 17,000 more are set to secretly return to Iraq via the same route.

All US troops left Iraq by the end of 2011, after nine years of occupation, as required by a 2008 bilateral security agreement between the two countries. The troops left Iraq for the neighboring Kuwait.

Washington decided to pull out all its troops from Iraq after Baghdad refused to grant legal immunity to the remaining US soldiers.

Washington claims that the only US military presence left in Iraq now is 157 soldiers responsible for training at the US Embassy, as well as a small contingent of marines protecting the diplomatic mission.

US-led forces attacked Iraq in 2003 and toppled Saddam Hussein on the pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction. But no WMD was ever discovered in Iraq. At the peak of the US-led military operation in Iraq, there were 170,000 US troops and more than 500 bases in Iraq.

More than one million Iraqis were killed as the result of the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of the country, according to the California-based investigative organization Project Censored.

‘US may Build New Atomic Bombs’

The recent US subcritical nuclear test can be a camouflage for developing a more sophisticated stockpile of nuclear weapons, a political analyst tells Press TV.

In a Saturday interview, author and political scientist Kaveh Afrasiabi noted that the subcritical test, known as Pollux, involves underground high-explosives experiments on plutonium

He argued that although the test does not reach the critical mass and nuclear chain reaction, “You don’t have any international inspectors to verify the fact that there are no low-yield nuclear explosives involved.”

“This could be a cover for computer simulations for advancing new nuclear warheads. We don’t know that because the US program is shrouded in high secrecy,” the analyst pointed out.

On Wednesday, the US - the only country that has ever used atomic bombs against other countries - conducted a subcritical nuclear test in Nevada in a declared aim of providing “crucial information to maintain the safety and effectiveness of the nation's nuclear weapons.”

Afrasiabi pointed to the recent written requests by the heads of US nuclear laboratories to President Barack Obama to earmark more funds for conducting tests for new warheads and noted that Obama approved the plans despite Washington’s official announcements that it is not rebuilding any new warheads.

“There is a huge gap between the rhetoric and the actual policies when it comes to the US’ nuclear weapons policies,” he said.

“What needs to be done is for the international community to exert pressure on the US, as well as other members of the nuclear weapons club, to desist from such activities that pose a proliferation risk and the risk of a new nuclear arms race,” Afrasiabi pointed out. 


DOD Drafting Plans To Strike Supposed Syrian Chemical Weapons As NATO Strike Appears “Imminent”

Chemical weapons propaganda mirrors lead up to Iraq Invasion.

By Alex Thomas

According to multiple reports, the Department of Defense is currently drafting plans for a full fledge preemptive strike on targets within Syria.

In a post published on CNN’s Security Clearance Blog, Barbara Starr (who many believe is herself nothing more than a CIA operative within the corporate media) wrote that DOD officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, had revealed to her that they are currently drafting plans for a potential strike on chemical weapon sites in Syria.

“The U.S. military has updated its plans for a potential strike against Syria after intelligence showed that the regime has filled aerial bombs with deadly sarin gas in at least two locations near military airfields, a senior U.S. official said Friday.

A senior U.S. official confirmed the details but declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information. There has been no movement to put the bombs on aircraft and no significant additional movement of chemical materials as far as the U.S. knows, he said.”

Meanwhile, other reports have also surfaced that seem to confirm that a NATO lead attack on Syria is indeed imminent and that the firepower to do so is already in place.
In early December, UN officials said they’re recalling all non-essential Syrian staff. Growing conflict dangers were cited. Perhaps advance word of imminent NATO intervention was gotten.
On December 6, CNN cited a Pentagon spokesman Little saying Washington updated its military options for potentially striking Syria. “We are prepared for a full range of contingencies,” said Little.
He added that US forces have all the firepower needed in the region for full-scale war if ordered. A previous article said Washington positioned considerable military strength off Syria’s coast.
It includes 10,000 combat troops, 70 fighter-bombers, 17 or more warships (including the USS Eisenhower and Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group), heavy armaments, offensive Patriot missiles, Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System readiness, and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) capability.
It suggests US-led NATO intervention could happen any time. More than ever it looks imminent.
In the blog post cited above, Barbara (intelligence operative extraordinaire) Starr also confirmed that the firepower is ready to go.
The official also said the U.S. has all the firepower it needs in the region to conduct military action against Syria if Obama orders it. The U.S. maintains a fighter and bomber aircraft presence across the Middle East, including on board aircraft carriers. There are also warships with satellite-guided Tomahawk cruise missiles that can be programmed to hit specific targets.
Initial Chemical Weapons Claims

The initial claims that the Syrian government was mixing their supposed stockpile of chemical weapons actually originated from an NBC report that heavily cited anonymous officials.

As if right on que, the national security correspondents on both Fox News and CNN went to work stressing the dangers now facing the world and again quoted unnamed operatives who could either be lying to the corporate media journalists or actually be giving them their orders in the first place.

Now, the United Kingdom has joined the “chorus” of concerns over Syrian chemical weapons.
In a statement at a regional security conference, British Foreign Secretary William Hague picked up on the ludicrous narrative that Assad would use weapons against the Syrian rebels when in reality these rebels are actual al Qaeda terrorists.
“We are extremely concerned,” Hague told reporters on the sidelines of a regional security conference Saturday.
He noted several “dangerous scenarios” for the use of chemical weapons. One would be terror groups obtaining such munitions.
Falling into the hands of terrorists?

We truly are in a Orwellian nightmare especially when you consider that the groups being funded by the UK and the US through NATO are the actual terrorists and now, with the threat of weapons falling into the hands of terrorists, a military strike is  being planned.

The fact that the claims that Assad is stockpiling and mixing chemical weapons with plans to use them in the very near future hasn’t even been debated within the mainstream media just goes to show how controlled the war propaganda within the media has become.

For their part, Syrian officials have wholeheartedly rejected all reports that have claimed they plan to use chemical weapons at any time.

Syrian Depurty Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad made this clear in a statement on December 7.
“Syria stresses again, for the 10th, the 100th time, that if we had such weapons, they would not be used against our people. We would not commit suicide.”
Many legitimate researchers and independent journalists have also noted that the initial chemical weapons claims are in themselves absolutely ludicrous and that if anyone within Syria were to use them it would most likely be the al Qaeda CIA linked and run Syrian Rebels.

In a report published on Prison Planet, Saman Mohammadi noted that from the very beginning the Syrian rebels have been Jihadist CIA run terrorists and that the corporate media is literally reporting the opposite of reality.

“After funding and arming the Jihadist insurgency in Syria, which has engaged in brutal executions of civilians and other war crimes, Washington is now finally ready to go to the next step in its long-planned aggressive war on Syria. The Obama administration is ludicrously hyping the non-existent chemical weapons threat to isolate the Syrian regime from the international community and justify a NATO ground and air assault against Syria.”

As noted above, the corporate media has gone from exaggerating and slightly altering the truth to outright lying for the military industrial complex.

“What’s really interesting is the complete rejection of reality and basic truths by Washington’s occult elite and the dinosaur media.

They have abandoned the realm of facts, logic, and scientific evidence. Instead, they have fully embraced magic. Their policies towards the Middle East are based on messianic fanaticism and irrational hubris.”

These chemical weapons claims may very well be nothing more than well fabricated nonsense made up by the global power structure through the art of fiction.
USrael pretends reality doesn’t even exist. Its high-minded officials have transcended history. They govern with the arts of fiction. Truth is so passe. Whenever they want to attack a country they make up lies about its leaders, spread panic in the international media, and then pose as the saviours of the world.
Syria War Propaganda Equals Iraq War Propaganda

Eerily, the claims coming out of Syria seem to mirror the lead up to the Iraq War, complete with possibly false intelligence, corporate media war hype, and the possible return of the Bush Doctrine.

A shockingly accurate and telling video report was recently published that showed the direct connections between the now ongoing Syrian war propaganda and the Iraq War propaganda ten years ago, complete with a startlingly spot on description

“How can you tell when a country is about to get invaded? Listen to the sellout traitor talking heads on television tell you the country has “weapons of mass destruction” or “chemical weapons” and is “about to use them on their own people”..

The Gullible American public fell for it once, the media and government assume it will work again, only will it? ”

The Obama Administration has outlined two scenarios that they claim would cause them to intervene militarily in Syria which are if Assad decides to use the weapons on his own people (which seems highly unlikely to happen) and if the weapons have a chance of falling into the hands of “Islamic” terrorists. (Such as the ones that have been supported and funded within Syria?)

A report published on Anti-War noted that Obama is set to use the Bush Doctrine in a preemptive attack on Syria.

“Three international relations scholars, Paul R. Williams, J. Trevor Ulbrick, and Jonathan Worboys, explain in Foreign Policy how “the Obama administration risks resurrecting the much-maligned Bush Doctrine of preemptive self-defense.
Under international law, a state may only invoke its right of self-defense in the case of an actual or imminent attack.
After the 9/11 attacks by al Qaeda, however, the Bush administration asserted a right of preemptive self-defense against terrorist groups and states that harbor them or could supply them with weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
Many states and experts rejected this justification for the 2003 Iraq war because Iraq could not be linked to WMDs or the 9/11 attacks.
Unlike Iraq, Syria has CBW and has forged a close partnership with Hezbollah. Nevertheless, preemptive self-defense still suffers from the same theoretical deficiencies it did in 2003. The doctrine has a weak basis in international law and its legal recognition would improperly justify the use of force by powerful states.
“The situation with Syria right now isn’t exactly identical, but it’s notable that the Obama administration’s calculations for intervention rest on the same, almost universally reviled war criminal logic as the Bush administration.”

Possible Looming False Flag

With the news that Assad is supposedly getting ready to use chemical weapons, many in the alternative media have speculated that a false flag chemical weapon attack may be on the horizon to further justify what surely would be a war crime filled attack on Syria.

In a new report on his Land Destroyer Blog, independent researcher and geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci wrote about a video recently released on YouTube that seems to show Syrian rebels testing out chemical weapons.

“The video (see here) starts with several scenes showing chemical containers with Tekkim labels (Tekkim is a Turkish chemicals company) and some lab equipment, while playing Jihadists chants in the background.

A glass box then appears with two rabbits inside, with a poster on the wall behind it reading The Almighty Wind Brigade (Kateebat A Reeh Al Sarsar). A person wearing a lab mask then mixes chemicals in a beaker in the glass box, and we see some gas emitting from the beaker.

About a minute later, the rabbits start to have random convulsions and then die. The person says: You saw what happened? This will be your fate, you infidel Alawites, I swear by ALLAH to make you die like these rabbits, one minute only after you inhale the gas.”

An editors note from Tony provides even more important analysis.
Now would be a good time to recall US’ informant, codename “Curveball” – the man who provided the US with baseless “intelligence” regarding Iraq’s chemical weapons capabilities which were gladly used as a false pretense for a war that has left millions dead, mutilated, displaced, poisoned, or otherwise affected. 
If chemical weapons are deployed in Syria, it will be by NATO-backed terrorists who acquired them from looted Libyan stockpiles, or apparently, perhaps Turkish supplied chemical precursors. While the White House cites baseless, nameless “officials,” here we see a video -  not conclusive evidence, but by far more compelling.
Although the validity of the video has been thrown into question, the idea that the US-Israeli-NATO axis would stage a false flag attack to gain support for their new war is far from unrealistic.

We have seen false flags by government against the people throughout history, with the 9/11 attacks being the most recent large-scale staged attack.

The advent of the internet and rise of the alternative media has made it extremely difficult for the global power structure to use the corporate media to easily sell a war as was done so many times in the past.

A false flag just might be the main course on the menu as a planned strike on Syria could happen at any time.