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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Second Presidential Debate VERY STRONG for Obama - Transcript, and Videos of Full Debate

The second 2012 Presidential debate was much stronger than the first, and President Obama came across as a strong, and powerful President, while Governor Romney once again, flipped from one side of the fence to the other, in his dance of fake words that his coaches thought the people wanted to hear.  He failed in many areas, and interrupted blatantly, while President Obama stood his ground with Presidential Power.

I fear Mitt Romney is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!  I do not trust anyone who merely says things they think I want to hear; that is a person with secrets and lies in their heart.

Don't get this author wrong; neither would get this author's vote at this point in time of our worldwide dilemmas.

Now will be the Mainstream Biased Media, tearing up the debate, taking things out of context, to sway the viewer.  This is why more Americans are now coming to alternative, freelance journalists and news sources, like this news site. 

Read the transcript.  Watch the full videos, and make your own minds up; be VERY careful before you cast your votes, but DO vote!

Full Second Presidential Debate Transcript HERE

Full debate below, in 6 parts:

US Congressman: We can only hope BP’s nightmare well in Gulf has not come back to life — No room for obfuscation, ‘Spillcam’ must return

Congressman Asks for Spillcam Return for Survey

WASHINGTON -- Following confirmation that an oil sheen in the Gulf of Mexico has origins from BP’s blown-out Macondo well, Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) today called for a full undersea survey of the Macondo site carried live on the internet so independent scientists can examine the activities as they happen.

“One can only hope that the nightmare well has not come back to haunt the people of the Gulf. The federal government should order BP to immediately deploy undersea rovers to examine the well site, the wreckage of the sunken rig, the drill pipe, and the surrounding area,” said Rep. Markey, the top Democrat on the Natural Resources Committee, who was the leading investigative force into the BP disaster in 2010. “BP must also bring back the Spillcam, so the world can see in real time what is going on at the bottom of the Gulf. There is no room for error, and no room for obfuscation, when it comes to this matter.”

During the BP oil spill, Rep. Markey successfully called for the release of a live internet feed of the undersea rovers. Spillcam, which was first hosted on Rep. Markey’s committee website, and footage released by BP at his request, aided scientists in determining the size and rate of the spill.

The return of Macondo oil also raises the issue of BP's outstanding fines and damage assessments from the 2010 spill. Additional oil and residual effects continuing from the spill years later should be considered in the final judgment, including provisions for additional fines and damages if recurring seeps and leaks are determined to be possible.

“BP must do everything in its power to ensure this well does not rupture or leak, and they should be held responsible if it does. BP still has billions to pay to the people of the Gulf and the U.S. government, but the Gulf region also deserves the peace of mind that this well is dead once and for all,” said Rep. Markey.


Louisiana Sinkhole Widens - Below Sinkhole: 500 billion cubic feet of gas, 200 million gallons of oil estimated

BAYOU CORNE, LA (WAFB) - Officials reported another large section of land was swallowed up by the giant sinkhole in southeast Louisiana.

 According to the Assumption Parish Police Jury, a chunk of land about 30 feet by 50 feet fell in on the southeast side of the sinkhole in Bayou Corne. That's about the size of a small three bedroom house.

Many trees and even part of the road collapsed into the massive "slurry."

Officials said it happened near the area where crews with Texas Brine are working.

They added the road that was damaged was built to park excavators while cleanup activities are taking place.

The police jury noted this area has never sloughed in before, as opposed to other areas that have sank into the hole.

Crews are continuing to run tests in the cavern of the abandoned salt dome below the sinkhole.
Officials said a bubbling spot was noticed in Pierre Part and DEQ will take samples to determine if it is natural gas (swamp gas).

OEP monitored the area and detected no harmful risks. We're told there will be another community briefing Saturday, September 29th at 10:00 a.m. at the command post.

ENEWS: Officials admit crude oil and methane are coming from massive underground formation below sinkhole - Oct 14th 

State Expert: Over 50,000 gallons of crude oil from giant sinkhole already collected? - Oct 14th

Local Homeland Security Director: Officials concerned cap of giant Napoleonville Dome may ‘shift’ and release butane from cavern - Oct 15th

When it first happened... Below pictures are of the growing progress:

Watch new flyovers of the sinkhole area here...

Louisiana Reporting Loud Boom and Shaking - NOW {{SOLVED}} HAS BECOME ANOTHER GOV COVER-UP

WEBSTER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton tells us they "definitely had something happen" in Webster Parish Monday night.  Sheriff Sexton confirms all of the explosion manufacturing facilities and natural gas facilities in Webster Parish have been ruled out as the source.

Sheriff Sexton adds that there is a "possibility that a meteor did hit the ground" in the area, but deputies have not pinpointed an exact location.  He does suspect it happened in a secluded area between Minden and Dixie Inn.
Sheriff Sexton said, first thing Tuesday morning, he will dispatch helicopters in the air to look for any damage.

KSLA News 12 viewer Shana Levick tells us she was driving on I-20 by Dixie Inn when she saw the sky light up a bright orange color.  She said she could see what appeared to be small fire sparks above the tree lines.

Another witness near Dixie Inn told KSLA News 12 photographer Cody Jennings that he saw something flash across the sky streaming from the west or southwest direction.  That witness also reported seeing a bright flash that lasted for a while. 

Authorities are investigating a loud boom that shook homes across Northwest Louisiana Monday night.

We are getting reports that people heard an explosion just before 11:30 p.m. from areas including: Minden, Doyline, Haughton, South Bossier and Shreveport.  Callers are also reporting seeing a bright light flash in the sky when they heard the boom. Officials with the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office tell us they have crews searching for the source of the noise.

This story is developing. We will update this story as we learn more...

UPDATE 9:26am...
If it were a meteor, National Weather Service Radar says they did NOT pick up any meteor streak...

One eyewitness reported that she tried to drive to find whatever it was that hit, and she had ashes falling onto her car, sounding like small hail....

The National Weather Service reported that right after the loud, ground shaking boom, they DID pick up a low cloud called a "Debris Field;" that something blew up and stuff was coming down.  It was drifting NW.

It is being reported as a mystery at this point.

...More updates to come...

UPDATE 10:00 am...

The Webster sheriff's office now is entertaining the possibility that it may have been a meteorite, possibly in the Dixie Inn area. There have been a large number of reports stating that they saw something come down instead of something blow up, a spokesman said.

And a woman reported hearing what sounded like debris hit a shop on Bellevue Road in the Dixie Inn area.

If it was a meteorite, that would fall to NASA and the Air Force to investigate.  
A spokeswoman for Barksdale Air Force Base public affairs said that the installation is investigating and that whatever the source, it didn't originate at the base.
note-- We can be sure, if the Military takes this investigation over, we will not hear anything more of the truth as this unfolds.  I'm trying to get all I can on this now, before they silence it,... if they do.
Webster authorities still don't know what it was or where it hit, Sheriff Gary Sexton just said. Thermal-imaging cameras showed nothing off Elmo Burton Loop near Dixie Inn, but helicopters are expected to be in the air this morning to survey the area along U.S. 80 and Interstate 20 for the cause of what caused the ground to shake.

Reports of the shaking came in from Lake Bistineau, Springhill, Sibley and Barksdale Air Force Base.

Sexton earlier said he was driving in the Springhill-Cullen area when he saw two flashes from the south. One report says it shook the Webster Courthouse in Minden.

A resident of the Lake Bistineau area reports that it almost shook their house off its foundation.

A number of reports of a loud boom, shaking, rattling and possible damage -- including broken windows -- in the area west and northwest of Minden have been coming into the National Weather Service office in Shreveport. "I don't have any idea what it was," Mark Murphy said. "A lot of calls have mentioned all kinds of scenarios, but I don't know for sure anything."

No earthquake is being reported in this area, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's real-time earthquake map.

And a Calumet spokesman says windows shook in the Cypress Lake area, north Bossier Parish and western Webster Parish and that the source is not the company's facility in Cotton Valley nor is it the Princeton location.

Here are some other observations as noted by excerpts from Facebook postings:

Carol Hines: I felt that all the way over here on Ellerbe Road!!!

Elaina McKissack Pepper: ... No damage but me and Zeb both got up and started checking on the kids because we were sure something was very wrong. After checking outside, Zeb gave up. It shook our whole house kind of like an earthquake.

Karri Vaughan Smith: Scared me to death ... !!!

Lela Bryan Lemoine: In Minden, felt like our house was hit by something. Didn't really hear anything though. But scared the heck out of us!

Angela Bogues Davis: We live on Fort Ave. I was upstairs and our house shook and swayed.

Judy Savell Jackson: ... I heard and felt it at my house, but so did everyone else in Minden and surrounding areas!

Mickie Howard Young: I felt the explosion here in S. Sibley, I thought it was the pipeline at first. Shook the entire house, but we have no damage. Just a heart that nearly jumped out of my chest.


MINDEN, La., (KNOE 8 News) - Loud boom and light flashes in the sky cause a stir in North Louisiana overnight.
Authorities across the northern tier of parishes were scrambling as a number of calls came in reporting everything from flashes in the sky to a loud boom that "shook the ground and rattled windows."
This morning, it would appear that the mystery has been solved.
According to Webster Parish Chief Igo, it was a bunker that blew up at Camp Minden. There were no injuries. The bunker belonged to EXPLO.
He said the bunker did exactly what it was supposed to do. Blow up, instead of out.

NOTE -- CAMP MINDEN is the Louisiana National Guard's (LANG) newest military training site...
I'm sorry, but now that the Military has been brought into this, this latest story will be the quiet end to any truth of this incidentHours before, the spokesperson from Barksdale Air Force Base public affairs said it did NOT originate at the base; that would cover ALL bases, including the National Guard, as they are all intertwined.  It's a matter of National security that they be ALL alerted, THE MOMENT anything happens, ESPECIALLY an EXPLOSION!!!!!  For heaven's sake!  This explanation comes more than 13 hrs AFTER the incident....!!!!!!!!!! 
There's something they are covering up and not telling us about this explosion.
...So this is to be yet another gov cover-up.


Grocery Stores Are Emptying. Major Retail Corporations Turning to Food as 47 Million plus Americans Turn to Food Stamps and Welfare.