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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fukushima and the Beginning of a New Order

You can come to join in live, every night, to Dana's Shows HERE  Come join "'Professor' Dana and his Fukushima Hounds"  You are Welcome.  We are all students of this terrible, worldwide tragedy.

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Keep checking back, and refreshing the page every once in a while, and you will find the time where you are.  For Instance, one of us in Holland, and says it's 4:00 am there...  while it's usually around 10:00 pm, Eastern time USA.  Below is a table of the different times around the world, that Dana's live show/seminar is on the air: (Showtimes are approximate, and some nights Dana is blocked from being able to stream, but he comes right back.  They cannot stop him)  HIS SHOW IS THE TRUTH THAT TPTB DON'T WANT US TO KNOW!

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-00:04:00:00 America/Anchorage 19:38:39 23-Jan-2014 no
-00:02:00:00 America/Inuvik 21:38:39 23-Jan-2014 no
+00:12:00:00 Asia/Bangkok 11:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Beijing 12:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:09:00:00 Asia/Dubai 08:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:13:00:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur 12:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:07:00:00 Asia/Tel_Aviv 06:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:01:00:00 Atlantic/Bermuda 00:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:05:00:00 Atlantic/Canary 04:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:13:00:00 Australia/Perth 12:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
-00:03:00:00 Canada/Pacific 20:38:39 23-Jan-2014 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Amsterdam 05:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:07:00:00 Europe/Athens 06:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:05:00:00 Europe/Lisbon 04:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:09:00:00 Europe/Moscow 08:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:06:00:00 Europe/Sarajevo 05:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:05:00:00 Greenwich 04:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:13:00:00 Hongkong 12:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:05:00:00 Iceland 04:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:11:00:00 Indian/Chagos 10:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:07:00:00 Israel 06:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
+00:00:00:00 Jamaica 23:38:39 23-Jan-2014 no
+00:14:00:00 Japan 13:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no
-00:05:00:00 Pacific/Honolulu 18:38:39 23-Jan-2014 no
-00:06:00:00 Pacific/Samoa 17:38:39 23-Jan-2014 no
+00:06:00:00 Poland 05:38:39 24-Jan-2014 no