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Friday, December 13, 2013

ISON's Incoming Debris From it's Perihelion Path on Thanksgiving is NOW Hitting the Sun! Much More to Come...

HUGE Debris Field following ISON are now hitting, and going around, the sun.   

This is an ALERT to what is coming.  We are about to begin going through ISON's entrance debris field, and will be also travelling through ISON's exit debris field; all through now and January.  

ISON's core may be altered in size and shape, and may have more meteor shrapnel travelling with it, but it's core still there, and now has even a larger debris field following it and spanning out with meteors that are some as large as earth.  

NASA is removing the SOHO live video sections of this debris, as soon as they see the objects in the camer's view.  Here we have the videos that were being recorded live; BEFORE NASA could remove the segments.

New Details! ISON Debris Trails Maybe 40 Million Miles Fully Fanned Out!

 A direct Impact was never a Fear ....But now that its in a billion pieces , any one of those pirece could effect earth....The game has changed !