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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fukushima Pacific Ocean 6 yr Countdown To Extinction

This is Live now, till around 11:00 pm EST, but will be here to watch in full, after as well.

We really need to share this, copy it, and any other way, spread this Mainstream Media is NOT covering this at all.  EVERYONE Needs to know this, so they can take precautions.  Below is the full explanation from Dana, as well as all the links he provided:

Dec 12, 2013
We are almost in the middle of a 6 years countdown to extinction of life in the pacific . It is safe to say no sea life is safe to eat or safe from fukushima death plumes anymore . Ocean currents are hardly the only mode of death plumes . Every day 1000s of miles of clouds form over the pacific ocean by evaporation and are carried far away to different parts of the ocean and around the entire pacific rim by winds and storms day after day , night after night , months after month , and now year after year till the very end of time .

Media equated these killer radiation with harmless background radiation that all life on earth is acclimated too over billions of years of evolution and genetic superior selection to distort the implications . Nuclear Public relation firms and media uses insignificant background radiation like bananas , water , rocks , sunlight etc etc that are natural as examples. Never alluding to the reality natural harmless background radiation carry no validity in a conversation about strontium , plutonium , uranium and cesium's many killer attributed when most of these weaponized radiations are still deadly a billion years later . These concoctions of enriched weaponized man made purveyors of death have nothing to do with making power .

The power at nuclear facility's is a by-product of solving mathematical equations for weapons of mass destruction , lasers , DEW , and possible space travel . Every species in earths biggest ocean is incapable of surviving a sea of radiation . Radiation destroys the oceans ability to produce oxygen and easily fry's the micro elements and life of the ocean that are the very foundation of the food chain . Radiation is a constant energy emitter , releasing energy at mock speeds consistently anilating all life .
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A crazy insane New York Times reporter Matthew Wald* about a thousand tons of water a day, comes through the site and some of it goes into the basements of these ruined reactors, and these basements now have radioactive material in them . he says the water when it reaches the ocean just about meets international standards for drinking water, it's barely polluted he says , I say he is a mass murderer who needs to be called out