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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bilderberg: Powerful People Plotting in Secret is the Definition of 'Conspiracy'

As over 140 of the richest and most powerful people on the planet meet this weekend at the Bilderberg meeting in Hertfordshire, England, the mainstream press still refers to the protesters in attendance as "conspiracy theorists."

This overused tactic to discredit opposition to any actual conspiracies is beginning to fall on deaf ears and is exposing the media as lapdogs for the powers that be.

Until the last decade, Bilderberg meetings enjoyed relative anonymity save for a few "theorists" who attempted to expose them.  But now alternative researchers have thrust the Bilderbergers into the spotlight without the help of the establishment press.

So much so that the press is now forced to cover the annual event. Yet, they still use their ink to attack protesters more than the cabal inside the heavily guarded gates.

 What's odd is that the Bilderberg meeting is the dictionary definition of a "conspiracy":
1. A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
2. The action of plotting or conspiring.
Surely, many would question whether the secret plan (plotting and conspiring) by the 60-year-old Bilderberg group results in something "unlawful or harmful".  However, we only need to look at the way society has been transformed in the last few decades to know that the majority of humanity has been harmed, while the elite attendees enjoy unprecedented wealth and power.

Do you think preemptive wars of aggression based on lies are not plotted in secret? Do you think economic collapse where the perpetrators are bailed out by the public is an accident? Do you think the loss of human liberty around the globe is by accident?

NO.  It is a conspiracy (plan) that drives these events for the benefit of the conspirators. This is now common sense to people who are not paid by the cabal to protect them.

The alternative media does not have corporate advertisers, think tank foundation funding, or government subsidies like the majority of the presstitutes who demonize those who seek the truth.