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Thursday, November 14, 2013

World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Exposes ALL

This woman, and the group of Whistleblowers she is with are people from POWERFUL Positions, and they have 'had it up to here,' with the amount of corruption they have uncovered.  

They are getting their proverbial ducks in a row.  

These people believe they will be able to finally put an end to the corruption worldwide!  Let's hope they can end this before Fukushima takes us out!

I believe we need to support this woman, and her group, and trust that they will; (most likely with some of the world leaders, and their militaries supporting them) overturn the thugs and thieves in the circles of the elites.
Former Senior [Attorney] Counsellor of The World Bank, Karen Hudes is talking, and telling the truth to the world.  She says she and the other World Bank Whistleblowers have banded together, and will end the corruption so we can take our nation back.
We have been searching and searching for that elusive vein of truth in the corrupt world of today.  We look for this truth because we know we are being lied to by our mainstream media outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, etc.  Truth is the only ammunition we need that will actually help us to know what to do, where to go, how to end our enslavement, and how to destroy those who would see us destroyed.

We have reached a point in our existance here that is very dangerous, and if we do not act now, we will have only to pray to whatever Gods our ancestors prayed to and walked with.

The result, of this sense of urgency that is crossing the world like a tsunami, is that more and more people are turning to alternative, freelance reporters and activist bloggers to find the bits and pieces of little veins of truth.

As a freelance journalist that is driven to find and share the truths, I must now say that the information this highly educated, former Senior Counsellor of The World Bank, is such a large vein of truth, one may say that this interview just could be the 'Mother Load.'

So get yourself a cup of tea, or java, or whatever, and plan to sit for around 30 minutes or so, and click to play this video; watch it from beginning to end... You WILL be floored and amazed!

As with most Videos that reveal the truth about our current administration and the Elites pulling the strings through the Federal Reserve Bank, youtube takes these videos off line.  
I have downloaded the video, so if that occurs, I will upload it here, to continue to be viewed.
This is very important information, and it MUST NOT be allowed to be silenced!

UPDATE:  Karen Hudes states to mainstream media that she and the other wistleblowers are winning, and WILL win:

The Link to Karen Hudes' website is:  to keep in touch with her and their (all the Wistleblowers) progress.  This is good news folks, but we must support her by acting on writing letters to the list of governers and senators at her site, as well as other ways; including contacting her through her website.