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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fukushima: Happy 3rd Anniversary Creepy Nuclear Apologist

Published by Dana on Mar 11, 2014
Here are most of the excuses the nuclear apologists use to deceive you; now you know what the lies are that hold them accountable . Let me see if i get this straight; you would get more radiation if you were closer to man made radioactive contaminated areas and a lot less if your not close to it.

You would get more radiation if you were on a plane with a smoke detector at 50,000 ft getting a cat scan & a dental x-ray while drinking a glass of water with 75 hundred BQ of Potassium 40 in it, in a bath tub of ocean water & rocks releasing natural uranium 238 & natural radon with the plane's curtains up, eating a banana, than you will if you're standing in the middle of any spot where man made radioactive fallout occurred.

Oh, and you would get even less radiation if you're on the space station, than if you stood in the middle of Fukushima Daiichi Military industrial complex nuclear plant.  And you can not make uranium 238 yellow cake from bananas...  ...And if you do get radiation fallout, it's probably from nuclear testing in the 50s and 60s; but don,t worry, all you have to do is smile and the radiation can not hurt you because its like pouring a spoon full of water into the ocean and trying to measure the sea level change.  Did I get that right, because it sounds frickin complicated to a little old small town hick like me.