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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fukushima Mess- Discovery Channel Responds to DNews Blowback

Streamed live on Jan 15, 2014
Lets cover that, and Fukushima Rainfall Over USA & Canada tonight, and drown them at the same time.  Trace Dominguez would like for us to buy his plane tickets to Japan, let's send him to Daiichi' Elementary where 4 million Bqm² of cesium in soil samples were recently taken at a school in Chiba, 20 km from Tokyo; make sure to post that video to youtube while you tell the kids how lucky they are Trace.  Then well send you off to picture the Mystery black substance where it's 1,000,000+ Bqkg of cesium — Seen all over Minami Soma.  Then you're off to a big city where Fukushima 311 Fallout Figures Released shows over 4,000,000 Bqm2.  You can explore it to your hearts content Trace — While you're waiting for your flight, I recommend 40,000,000 Bq of iodine-131 that co-exist with 3 to 1 of Iodine 129, with a 15 million year half life, but travels with uranium 234, 234, and plutonium, found in a single bed of kelp off Southern California recently, to help give your immune system a boost for what you will encounter in Japan.  Then we will have a fundraiser for your cancers, and treatment with more radiation, till it kills you; like it does to children constantly. 

Their new video (below) deserves a proper thrashing -

So Discovery Channel News is now on the bandwagon, along with all the rest of our Government Leaders, Mainstream Media, Public Relations Firms, TEPCO, etc., in the ongoing cover-up lies that make them all accomplices to the mass murder of human kind...

Dr. Cathy Vakil - Fukushima Lies Threatening World

Dr. Cathy Vakil, family practitioner is concerned about the effects of radiation on families and individuals. There is no "safe level" of radiation, and incidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima only add to the harmful levels already affecting Canadians from constant exposure from our own domestic reactors like Bruce, Pickering, Darlington, and Chalk River. In conversation with Hugh Reilly: