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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The nameless Fukushima 50 (actually it was more like 70) knew this was the last job they would ever be able to do for their families, their country, the world; yet amid their basic human fear and dread, they continued on, to work in conditions that were not only unbearable, but unfathomable.  

They were the Japanese TEPCO plant workers that, sadly, are not recognized enough for their heroism.

These were the first men to take the first photos of the Fukushima Dai'ichi Nuclear plant, WHILE it was still in meltdown, and during the harrowing, dark days that followed the initial Fukushima Nuclear Blasts that continue to fallout globally, and poison our air, all of our oceans and waters, and the very core of our home we can Earth.  

Were they brave, YES, were they stoic, YES, were they afraid and shaking in their boots, YES, YES, and YES, again.

The Japanese people are known to be a stoic people.
(English - Definition of sto·ic-  noun \ˈstō-ik\: a person who accepts what happens without complaining or showing emotion: quality of being unemotional, impassiveness: quality of being unaffected by strong emotions: one who is seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain.)
I remember well, the first time I ever came into contact with the word "stoic," and it's meaning; while I was reading the grade 8 compulsory book for my first-year high school assignment:  "Hiroshima." 


Even then, at my simple age of only 13, when I came to read and understand the full meaning of the word "stoic," I knew in my guts that this was merely an explanation of the facade of their ancient cultural conditioning, and not one of honest, gut emotion.  I knew in my heart, that they were as far from truly being stoic as we are, in the face of absolute desolation, pure suffering, and most-likely death.

These TEPCO employees gave their lives to try to control an impossible situation, in the darkness of no electricity, and the heaviness of the days following; to give us a full photographic timeline of the events that followed the initial meltdowns of reactors 1, 2, 3, AND 4.  Yes, reactor 4 DID have a core meltdown as well as the other 3 that Japan's embarrassed officials actually admit to.

This video, below, is possibly the ONLY TRUE PHOTOGRAPHIC ACCOUNT OF THE FULL TIMELINE of the actual order of events that followed the March 11th, 2011 Fukushima earthquake, and at least 14 meter tall tsunami that literally expunged their lives, as they knew them, from Japan...

The Lies continue to spew from our mainstream media farce...  'They' say it is all under control, and not to worry or even think about it now...

Japan has recently turned back their political world progress to become a Fascist county again, in the ongoing wake of the Fukushima radiation release over Earth, and into our mantle; now travelling deep into the mantle of our home...  
Their legal policies now include prison time for any subjects that attempt to share the truth of our ongoing fate from the Burned out Nuclear reactors that CONTINUE to spew radiation throughout our world.  

Is this being "stoic," or is it actually being more secretive in order to allow further deaths worldwide from the ongoing demise at Ground Zero: Fukushima Dai'ichi?  No, the word "stoic" can no longer can be applied to an ancient cultural conditioning in the light of the Japanese official's accounts of what is ongoing.  The only word that can now be used is MURDER to the unsuspecting victims; not only the innocent people of Japan, but all of us, as we do nothing to shield ourselves; because of the continuous mainstream media lies that give us this false sense of security.

No further HONEST Information is coming from from Japan now; since the new, recent, devastating Fukushima Earthquake of Oct 25th, 2013; we are now in a complete news blackout as a result of their government's new Fascist "Secrecy Law."

The current, normal daily preparations of our lives, must be altered now, as we HAVE entered a dark period of Nuclear Fallout, worldwide. This will not get better.  It continues to leak, and accelerate, with no solutions within sight... and the worst is still possibly to come, as the melted, ACTIVE core columns continue to melt through our earth's mantle, towards the heavy water of our planet's water table.

A moment of silence for us all...................

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