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Friday, November 6, 2015


Dana Durnford is one of the nicest, most decent, heartfelt people you could ever know, and he is fighting hard to get the truth out about our demise at the hands of the elite nuclear cartel.   Their blatant lies and cover-ups about the ongoing radioactive releases, and now worldwide fallout, from The COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL Fukushima Dai ichi Nuclear plant Disaster in Japan HAS TO BE STOPPED!  His fight is one that is out of passion for all of our brothers and sisters worldwide, to know the truth, because our mainstream media has completely failed us since the big, elIte corporations took ownership of them.  Now, they want to silence Dana Durnford, so no-one will learn of the lies we are being told by their bought, PR scientists.


Dana did a complete tour of the west coast of Canada over the last year, enduring the harsh winter months on a zodiac boat; just to get the photographic evidence we need to show the world what is really happening to the Pacific ocean, and our main supply of oxygen that makes this planet habitable to oxygen breathing life - That's us, folks!

On the course of his journeys, he lost his wheelchair over the side of the boat in high seas, and endured the harsh, bitter cold of Canada's winters, as well as the high seas of the winter months, but that didn't stop him!  His tenacity, and the size of his heart and passion are overwhelming!  

Dana worked in the commercial fishing industry and the underwater diving industry in both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans from the years of 1975 to 2001. He was the captain of over a dozen commercial diving vessels, and the lead commercial diver; logging more than 14,000 hours of sea-floor bottom time.  He was seriously injured in 2001 after 128 days of open ocean diving,[not returning to port] 6 hrs diving in the ocean each day.  He awoke in a hyperbaric chamber, to recover in a body that would no longer work for him without a wheelchair and crutches to get around.  No-one knows the ocean and the life within, intimately, more than Dana.

He also has a 7 year history in nuclear research, and since the nuclear meltdowns at the  Fukushima Dai ichi nuclear plant in 2011, has been following the plant's radiation releases very closley.  With the amount of reported oceanic wildlife deaths all along the Pacific coasts of North America, it became apparent that the releases from Fukushima are rapidly killing his beloved oceans, so he went to work to let the world know.  He has done this, and continues his fight to get the truth out, for YOU AND ME!

In the last year he's launched 5 Fukushima exploratory expeditions along the coastline of British Columbia Canada documenting the marine life, birds, insects, mammals, animals, etc., and comparing those results to pre Fukushima Meltdown academic species counts.

This is one of his latest interviews:

Dana's photo-gathering tour of Canada's coastline was completely crowd funded; mostly by the Fukushima Hounds.  The Government will never help fund the truth anymore, so it is up to ALL OF US, to help him now!  He needs the best legal representation NOW!  This needs to be made BIG NEWS, on the International scale.  

I envy the lawyer that takes his case on, because with proper coverage, this will be the biggest, International story of our times, and the fame his lawyer will get, will be astounding!  


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Dana's website can be found here: with the photographic evidence he has gathered to help our worldwide family become aware of the crimes being committed upon us all, through the nuclear cartel's lies and cover-ups.  
His YouTube channel is here: BeautifulGirlByDana where you can find many videos of his findings, although MANY of his videos have been taken down, and are still coming down, as his freedom of speech is being torn away from him. 

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