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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Second Presidential Debate VERY STRONG for Obama - Transcript, and Videos of Full Debate

The second 2012 Presidential debate was much stronger than the first, and President Obama came across as a strong, and powerful President, while Governor Romney once again, flipped from one side of the fence to the other, in his dance of fake words that his coaches thought the people wanted to hear.  He failed in many areas, and interrupted blatantly, while President Obama stood his ground with Presidential Power.

I fear Mitt Romney is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!  I do not trust anyone who merely says things they think I want to hear; that is a person with secrets and lies in their heart.

Don't get this author wrong; neither would get this author's vote at this point in time of our worldwide dilemmas.

Now will be the Mainstream Biased Media, tearing up the debate, taking things out of context, to sway the viewer.  This is why more Americans are now coming to alternative, freelance journalists and news sources, like this news site. 

Read the transcript.  Watch the full videos, and make your own minds up; be VERY careful before you cast your votes, but DO vote!

Full Second Presidential Debate Transcript HERE

Full debate below, in 6 parts: