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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oct 17th Deadline For the USA Debt Default - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

What is REALLY going on is a lie, all created by those that own the Federal Reserve, and World Banks; they have no need for wealth; they have it all now.  

They now are concerned with power, and competing with every nation to take full control of the whole world's resources, of which WE are!  

The New World Order. 

The Federal Reserve is NOT part of our government; it is a privately owned bank that prints money from the air, (Isn't that called counterfeiting?) and loans it to the US.  Our tax dollars, among other sources pay these high interest loans.  These are the world's Banking Cabal that we are told we now owe over 16 trillion "counterfeit" dollars...  This is completely impossible for the US to ever repay; we are debtor slaves, living on false credit.   
The USA has NO real money, OR gold; the Federal Reserve took our gold from Fort Knox ,as collateral, years ago.  

This corruption is completely out of control!

The Debt Ceiling they refer to is just another, higher number they pick out of the air, BUT, make us think there is actually mathematics involved.  The term, "Debt Ceiling" is merely a code word, or more definitively, a Key word that is used to sway our way of thinking towards believing that if it [our "Debt Ceiling"] isn't raised by Oct 17th, then our Debt Defaults.
(If your mortgage defaults, you go into Foreclosure, and lose your home, with a sheriff's presence to remove you from your home if you do not move out before the Debt Foreclosure date.) 

In the case of the current Administration declaring, on Oct 17th, that the USA has defaulted because the "Debt Ceiling" was not raised, (there's that key word again, that programs your belief system)  

The first, biggest owner [of U.S. debt] is the Social Security fund, so you’d have all of these people who are receiving Social Security payments who now have to question whether they’ll get their payments.” According to veteran financial sector analyst Richard Bove, VP of research at Rafferty Capital Markets.  

Millions of Americans will suddenly be thrown into complete poverty, with no income of any kind.

But Bove says that is only the beginning, since the second biggest holder of Treasuries (at about 12% - another number pulled out of the air - of the total[debt]) is the Federal Reserve, which has “91% - another number out of the air - of its assets backed by U.S. government debt.”  If the value of those assets were to decline, which they indisputably would in a default, Bove says the net effect would be that “we have nothing of value backing the dollar.”  [They are] actually 'Federal Reserve Notes’ as well as the number one asset of choice held in the reserves of governments and businesses all over the world.

All this, coinciding with the 'compulsory' ObamaCare enrolments and payments demanded from ALL the people of the USA, right now!   

IF the USA Defaults on its Debt (remember, this is a number they pulled out of the air) on Oct 17th, we will enter a Depression that will dwarf the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Again, I must bring up the key word, I have used here, and that is: "IF."  

Whether the Senate allows this to happen on the Oct 17th deadline is left to be determined.  I believe they will bring us precariously close to the date, but the fantasy "Debt Ceiling" will be raised just in time to continue our Social Security; as well as their jobs, to keep us plodding along obediently, following their carrot words.

"IF" the USA Defaults on its fantasy Debt, then our fears of the ‘planned’ crash of the US Dollar and our way of life will cease to exist.  The elitist's agenda will show its full face to us.


Sadly, most of the citizens of the USA will not realize what has suddenly happened to their lives, and the chaos will soon create a citizen uprising.   

A large minority of the People of the United States that ARE awake, will also begin their full, all out uprising, and our All-Mighty, Far-Too-Big Government will officially declare war on its own citizens. 

We are being prepared, and have been being prepared for this life-altering event.  

We have watched the militarization of our police force, and have been conditioned to see military vehicles and full soldier presence in our streets for some time now. 

FEMA Camps in the hundreds have been filled with employees and security personnel.  They ARE real, and now active and ready to begin taking the citizens of the USA into their camps; modern day concentration camps… 

IF the USA Defaults on its Debt...  This remains to be seen...

I will repeat:

I believe Obama and the Senate will bring us precariously close to the date, but the fake "Debt Ceiling" will be raised just in time to continue our Social Security; as well as their jobs, to keep us plodding along obediently, following their carrot words.

The United States of America is crumbling under the weight of No Democratic Leadership.  Democracy is gone, and is rapidly being replaced with a Dictatorial President that has No Regard for the People of this Once Great Nation.  

Are YOU Prepared?