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Saturday, April 26, 2014


This video should help ALL understand just what Fukushima is to the world. 

There is too much confusion going on, with the IAEA's pet scientists reporting the false news about dilution, and the mainstream media's lies about this being under control.  It is NOT under control AT ALL!!!  Please watch this through, and if you didn't before, now you will "get it," and no propoganda will be able to confuse you anymore.  

Go ahead and download if you want; I am the author and narrator of this video, and I give full permission to all, to download this video, tweet it, put it on your FB, put it on your Youtube channel, even burn it to a DVD to give out to your working comrades; spread it as far as you can.  We need ALL of the 99% of us awakened, so this video needs to go viral, in order to have the power to take the elites down, and fix this event.  

Nothing else matters now, except getting this nuclear monster stopped!