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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ISON is Now a V Shaped Debris Field With Objects That Are Miles Wide EACH

ISON coverage will continue here till all has passed us safely...

(All New UPDATES Added at bottom, so scroll down within this story to see Updates.)

ISON may no longer be electrically charged, so it's not as bright, and it may have changed shape and broken up, but it is still a serious debris field of VERY large objects.  As a result, even though we may never be able to see it with the unaided eye, backyard astronomers may be able to see some of the debris as we pass through the field.

ISON is still being studied at NASA to know if it is a field of debris, or if it still has some of it's original core remaining.

They are Also beginning to change the term, "Meteor SHOWER" to "Meteor STORM" as seen here, on the American Meteor Society website.   Much like we have seen the change from only hurricanes being given names, to every storm now, including winter storms,  because these winter storms don't only affect a small area of the country, but are far more severe, and one storm will cross the whole nation.  Think about it...  

Dec 6th UPDATE-1:

Dec 6th UPDATE-2:

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