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Friday, April 5, 2013

West Virginia County sheriff Eugene Crum Fatally Shot on April 4th - ANOTHER SUPPORTER OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT

It is believed that West Virginia Sheriff Eugene Crum was assassinated because of his support of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. 

Lately we have seen an acceleration of 2nd Amendment supporters being "assassinated," and it seems the assassins are always deemed to be mentally incompetent, or white supremacists, or associated with "preppers" or activists...  

Something is rapidly being recognized as corruption, and a serious escalation of the Elitist's agenda within America!  

Fox News reported this as an assassination of a local hero, (as I'm certain he was) and has stated: 
"Though there is no indication of any connection, Crum's killing comes on the heels of a Texas district attorney and his wife being shot to death in their home over the weekend, and just weeks after Colorado's corrections director also was gunned down at his home. Those bold killings and others have led authorities to propose more protection for law enforcers."  
...They make no mention of his avid support of the 2nd Amendment...

Coincidence?  I think not!  Whether this is Government controlled mind control; waking up sleeping assassins that have been hypnotized/programmed during one of their mental health sessions, or performed by professional CIA gunmen, then pinned on innocent victims, we do not know, (suspect in custody, pictured to the right) but we are rapidly becoming aware that something is a muck, we cannot trust our mainstream news sources, and our lives are in peril if we openly support the Constitution.

Activist news reporters are also being singled out, and killed or incarcerated, so it is my fear that I may have to shut this news blog down soon, if things escalate further, to protect my own family from tragedy.  In the meantime, I will do my best to continue reporting the news as it unfolds, so you can be aware of the movements of corruption and danger we are ALL facing. God help us.