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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thousands in London, Beirut, Yemen, Rally Against War on Gaza

In the UK, Londoners hold a fourth day of protests against Israel's latest military offensive against the Gaza Strip. Thousands have gathered outside the Israeli embassy in support of Palestinians.

Among the speakers was Palestinian ambassador to London Manuel Hassassian who gave an impassioned speech.

The government in Britain has backed israel's violence saying it has a right to defend itself But even the foreign minister has admitted a ground invasion would lose Israel international support.

Protesters say that whatever changes or stays the same they will be here day after day attack after attack standing with the Palestinians and making their voices heard.

Nargess Moballeghi, Press TV, London

Israel main problem in Middle East 

A political analyst tells Press TV that the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza have made the Arab world realize that the enemy and the one massacring Palestinians is really Israel.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kamel Wazne, political analyst, to further discuss the issue.

Pro-Gaza rally held in Beirut 

Lebanese and Palestinian factions held a pro-Gaza rally on the 4th day of the ongoing attacks that Israel has launched against Gaza. This rally is the 3rd of its kind in front on the UN ESCWA head quarters in Beirut since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Protesters said that Israel has always been attacking the Palestinians in a barbaric way and stressed that this should stopped and that they will not sit and watch Israel's aggression against Palestinian people. Demonstrators said they try to send a message to the world that they will always support and stand with the resistance and fight against the Israeli war-machine.

Rahshan Saglam, Press TV, Beirut

Yemenis rally for Gaza