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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Will Go Down in History. Full Transcript and FULL Debate Videos in 6 parts

This Vice Presidential debate was history making!  Biden hit aggressively, with more facts and experience, and his hits landed with precision, and might.  

Ryan had no idea what he was talking about with the misguided facts and figures he was given in preparation for this debate.  He lied through his teeth, and there were moments when he bobbed his head and neck like a chicken scrabbling for feed; with high-browed indignance, trying to avoid the hits, while he took each hit square in the face.  

Biden was powerful, kept to the facts, and mopped the stage floor with Ryan.  Ryan's closing statement was as generic and vague, and self serving as Romney's.  Biden's closing statement had substance, facts, and compassion.  

Martha Raddatz was a wonderful mediator, and kept the focus going forward, despite the adrenalin flashing across the table.

This was a clear, definitive win for the Obama administration, under the skillful, and honest handling of the debate by V.P. Biden.  Watch this win get turned around by the corrupt, mainstream media.

Next will be the Mainstream media tearing the whole debate apart, taking things out of context, and I'm sure that the Romney group will charge Biden with lies, to cover up their own lies. Ugh! 
Be careful with your decisions, as the mainstream media puts bias into their reports, according to whomever pays them the most...

This ugly, mud slinging campaign will not end till election day, and after that, God help us!  I am getting prepared for the worst so I'm not caught off guard.

Full Transcript here

Full Debate below, in 6 parts: