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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama: the "Al-Mahdi" Islam's Awaited Messiah - The Biblical AntiChrist

While things 'seem' to be quiet on the front line at the moment, I will take this time to reflect on the intentions of this seemingly quiet period...

He has signed more Executive Orders than any president in history, and if one looks at all the Executive Orders of late, you will see a pattern that is leading up to complete governmental control of all the citizen's lands, food, vehicles; basically all personal assets of every single American, through martial law; and martial law has been covered in one of his latest  Executive Orders.  It is all too obvious that the Executive Orders are preparing for complete government take-over; socialism, communism, fascism, whatever you wish to call it.  

Read this story, in this link:
(click here) Who was Malcolm X, or for That Matter, Who is Barack Obama? and I think you will be able to understand just exactly what is unfolding here, and it seems, is rapidly escalating. (After following the link, above, then come back to this page to read further, and watch the revealing video at the bottom.)

This is heavy stuff folks, and I am honestly beginning to actually believe that Martial Law is in the making right now.  I am aghast at the order of things occurring over the last couple years, and cannot ignore the stories; no matter how paranoid they may seem.  Every story, even the far fetched, are coming from a source that has been led to believe it so.  In Africa, they say that if something has been given a name, then it truly does exist.  This makes good sense, as if a subject is being discussed, then it HAS to have validity, even if the one discussing it is mistaken of it's origin or value.  One needs to go to the source of the creation of the thing, or idea's existence.

Now, I am not a bible thumping alarmist; as are found all over the Internet, (we used to just see them standing on soapboxes on city street corners) but one cannot just sweep their words under the rug, as the bible is certainly the most accurate book of ancient genealogy we have, and the events surrounding the times of each family and their influences during their eras are well recorded within the pages of the bible, as well as the Torah, or Koran.  Our errors, it seems to me, are taking those stories out of context and trying to apply the moralities of those stories to our present day in age, and believing their context to be literal.  One needs to understand that one third of that book is history and genealogy, while two thirds are prophecy. 

Lately, I have seen numerous sites and pages that claim that Obama is the Antichrist.  There were a lot of websites and pages a few years ago that claimed that Bush was the antichrist.  I think we all, or at least most of us recognize that Nero was something resembling an antichrist, and Hitler was as well, but I cannot accept that there have actually been multiple antichrists.  There was only one Christ...  My son showed me a very good website that claimed Bush was the antichrist, back in 2004.  I read it through, and gave it much thought before I replied to my son; then 13 years old.  The points within the writings of that site were very good, and it also mentioned of Nero and Hitler being antichrists.  I finally replied to my son, that while there is a possibility that Bush may be the antichrist, I very much doubted it, but I did say that he just may be the precursor to the antichrist... That brings us now, to Obama. 

Christ's conception, birth, and family origins were to most, a complete mystery.  It was only a handful of people that believed his origin was of the seed of the Holy Spirit; all the rest of the people believed his origin was merely a mystery, with possibly bad backgrounds.  Ultimately, there was a LOT of controversy about how he came to be, and who his father was, as well as his intent and doctrines.

Does this sound familiar?  Does anyone really know the origins of Barack Obama; where he was born, or his true parentage; both mother and father, or background, or his intent and doctrines?

Christ taught of peace, morality, love, convictions and responsibility for actions, and ultimately, the sovereignty of every individual under the kingdom of God.

Obama teaches war; under the guise of peace, immorality; through the removal of the belief of God, he refuses to accept the convictions and or responsibility of any of his actions, and has removed the right of sovereignty of the individual under any country, state, or otherwise.  He represents the "kingdom" of one Government; One World Order; the New World Order.

Need I say more?

Unless we, the people, come together to rebuke this man from office, along with his full staff of criminals, and sentence ALL of them, and the banksters, to pay for their crimes against us, we will be doomed to succumb to Obama and the Banker criminal's plans for us; and then we will have NO rights or opportunities to overthrow them.  Time is truly running out for us to be able to change the course these criminals have set up for us.  If we do not act now, then we will be needing to use our bug-out bags and hiding locations until they ultimately find us and execute us as terrorists. 

Please watch the Video below, and you will then be able to put the pieces together: