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Sunday, June 9, 2013

How the United States Gets Away with Doing What They Do to You!

Here’s Why the United States Can Commit Crimes!

The list of things the United States can do to you is growing daily, and one has to wonder how they can get away with what they are doing.

Labeling reporters criminals and taking their phone records is against the 1st amendment and the 4th amendment to the Bill of Rights.

Harvesting phone data, likewise, is against the 1st and 4th amendments.

Requiring registration of guns, and being able to confiscate them is against the 2nd amendment.

Add to that things like Benghazi, IRS, abuses of individuals and organizations who hold opinions contrary to the party policy, and so on, and so on…but how does the government get away with it?

Well, first, is the fact that the people are letting it happen.  Let’s face it, the people have been dumbed down (government education) to the point where they think their TV shows are more important than their personal rights.   Heck, they aren’t just sheople…they are blind sheople!

But, sheople aside, let’s consider what the government is: a corporation.

And we, the people, are not involved in a fight for self rule, we are in a dire struggle with a corporation.  A corporation with rules and by-laws; one of which is the constitution.  That’s right, the bill of rights is merely a grant of the corporation, not a guarantee, and it has been this way since the United States was incorporated.

Want proof?  Simply do a little research.  Google and wiki a bit, and you’ll figure it out.  Just type in 'united states corporation,' or 'the law of 1871,' and you’ll have your first crumb.

But what we are concerned with here is not that bit of debris, we are concerned with man’s inhumanity to man; how a government staffed by actual, living people gets away with their crimes against humanity, let alone the bill of rights.  And the answer is in the fact of what a corporation is.

A corporation is a body.

I believe the first corporations were started back in England a few hundred years ago.  People with money wanted to invest in shipping, but they didn’t want the risk.  So they established a corporation; an entity that was real in name, but invisible in all other aspects, and the point of this was when a ship sank at sea, the owners of the cargo couldn’t sue the the corporation because it was, well…not really an individual.  No person.  Just a made up thing.

Now, this wasn’t all bad.  It encouraged investments in shipping, made an empire, and all that sort of thing.

Fast forward to the United States. When the USA of A incorporated back in 1871, they created a separate form of government. This was actually inspired by foreign interests (a banking cabal which is still in existence to this day, and is usually referred to as ‘Banksters’) who wanted to plunder the wealth of America.

The Constitution ‘for’ the United States was changed to the constitution ‘of’ the United States, and thus was committed treason.  The government became a false entity behind which could hide all manner of criminals.  Criminals with the power to drone strike, waterboard, create benghazi, AP, kill people, seize records, invade privacy, take guns, and so on, and so on, and…and so it goes.

And now we have criminals of high caliber looting the country to the tune of trillions; passing laws to suppress the citizen who is no longer sovereign, and so on...

But, as long as you have the latest ipad, what do you care?