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Friday, January 10, 2014

Is Fukushima Radiation Leak Equal To 76 Million Bananas or is Forbes Magazine Writer, Tim Worstall, A Murderer?

Tim Worstall is a British-born writer and blogger, living in Portugal; he has written for Forbes Magazine, but his income is from his wholesale supply sales of scandium metal and scandium oxide.  Scandium is present in deposits of uranium compounds...  He has also been known to subsidise research into fuel cells that use the materials he sells.

In my investigating, I came across a webpage that recommended Tim Worstall highly, saying that, "If you're an industrial user or producer of scandium and you need someone to broker your scandium oxide transactions, see Tim."  It also sates that "He [Tim Worstall] doesn't just deal in them, he does most of the dealing in them (60% or so) that is done worldwide."  That webpage is here:

So it goes to say that he profits highly with the weapons grade uranium enrichment plants (passed off to the public as Nuclear Power Plants) running and operational.  He cannot afford to have the public band together to shut the weapons industy down, so it is perfectly understandable as to why he would write a story of lies to convince the public that Fukushima's ONGOING meltdown is of no more danger to anyone than 76 million bananas.  After all, if he can become an accomlice to mass-murder through lies, that would make him a possible sociopath; correct?  Sociopaths do not care about anyone but themselves, and have no conscience. hmmm  That explains pretty well, to me, why he was even capable of writing that disgusting story of lies, called: The Fukushima Radiation Leak Is Equal To 76 Million Bananas.